Epro8 ( The Crane )

On the first activity, We had to build a crane. The Criteria said It needed to be 1.8 meters tall and it must be rigid ( unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible). First we did the box base and added some zigzag-ies to make it strong. The next thing we did is to make it longer so it can lift a bag. The 3rd step is to do the hook, We didn’t have a hook so we used a rope so we can tie it. The 4th step is to test it ( our one worked )

About Me

Hi my name is Liana, I am 9 years old,  I live in New Zealand. I lived in New Zealand for roughly 3 years. I live in a family of 4. I go to St Patrick’s School, Panmure. It takes me about 4-5  minutes   to go to school. My teacher is Mr Bell. My favorite subject in school is Math.  When I grow up I wanna compete in the  International Mathematical Olympiad because I wanna show the world how great I am in math.               





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